The start of an adventure

I had always dreamed of running away to somewhere distant, somewhere far, somewhere new. Throughout my 25 years on this earth, I have been lucky enough to have explored much of Europe – the cobbled streets of Belgium, the clear, blue sea of Croatia and architecture of Spain to name a few. I had stepped into Northern Africa and searched the Aladdin’s cave of Marrakesh and more recently witnessed the sandy, long beaches and incredible wildlife of Sri Lanka. These holidays and experiences had been beautiful and I wished they had lasted longer. So why not make them last longer?

I decided to quit my job as a Senior Editorial Assistant and leave my lovely home in London. I moved my belongings back to my parents in Wales and set off on my quest for something new.

It was a scary but exciting time and luckily for me I had a good friend who would be joining me on my quest. The first step was choosing where to go. As we both had an interest in South East Asia, we decided to focus on this area and narrowed the destination down to one of the following: Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia or Indonesia. Each country is spectacular in its own right and we did not want to rush through them. After lots of reading, advice and research, we decided to choose Vietnam. We would explore the country from north to south, stopping off at several carefully selected cities along the way.

Whilst in Vietnam I kept a travel diary which I plan to write out in a series of blog posts. I will talk about where we went, how much we spent and highlights of the trip. I hope that my words will encourage you to visit this beautiful country and help you plan your adventure.