My first blog post

It’s Friday afternoon, we are on the cusp of the weekend – in 1 hour and 23 minutes, to be precise – computers will be logged off, desks will be abandoned and we will descend into the lift and out of the building, feeling a sense of elation until the working week starts again…

This rather cold and wet (slightly snowy, but not really because we are in London after all) Friday afternoon has been dragging. Work is quiet and the menial tasks left are not worth starting and should certainly be saved until Monday’s tackle.

This lead me to thinking maybe I should start a blog.. and I don’t mean start a blog and post something and then never come back to it again… (believe me, I think I have about 10 or so blogs set up on various sites with just the one post – I’m an expert at that).

I guess the reason I haven’t quite got into blogging is because I’ve never really had a solid reason/subject matter to start a blog on. And instead of writing about this, I have left the reasoning and thinking in a knotted jumble in my head – this is my attempt of slowly undoing those knots and letting the ribbons flow.

I live in London. I like London. I also like the countryside. I love the countryside! I also have a deep desire to explore every inch of the world and beyond it. Beaches, festivals, love, music, dancing, soul, swing, the sea..

I will be writing posts about all the great things you can do in┬áLondon and afar and hope to inspire you to get out an explore. I will be writing about the trials and tribulations of London life, the bliss of the countryside, adventures into the unknown. And there may be the odd poem or story…

Who knows what you may find!

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